Problem: A Samba Share is not Accessible


You have created a new share through the UniventionManagenementConsole (UMC) to share a directory on a slave server.

But there is no way to access the share from any Windows computer. It does not even ask for credentials.


Step 1

Verify you have installed the app “AD compatible Domaincontroller” in the AppCenter module of UMC.

Step 2

Verify all ports are accessible if the system is running in a protected network (ie blocked ports by a firewall).

Step 3

Verify your File ACLs if access really is configured. (root@ucs:~# getfacl <path>)

Step 4

Verify a user has access to the whole directory path in posix. If a user can’t access the shares root folder the access to deeper folders is blocked.

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