Printers not showing and/or not printing

I created IP-client object for two of our printers to assign them the ip addresses and register them in the dns.

Xerox printer required adding a ppd file as the default CUPS did have it. That went relatively well, found the location on the file system, added entry in the LDAP editor.

Now, if I add the printer, it isn’t showing in the Print Jobs. There’s some delay for it to appear in the printmanagement.msc but it does show up eventually.
Adding this printer as a share to Windows 10 does work but no prints are sent to the device.
Jobs permanently stuck in the print queue.

I tried removing the printer from the Printers and from the Register (Problem: Printer is not shown in the windows printermanagement) restarting cups, samba4 and slapd services. Adding it again and I still can’t print to it.

What do I do next?

Adding printer drivers doesn’t work either (13.7. Mounting of print shares in Windows clients — Univention Corporate Server - Manual for users and administrators para 4) I get “Access Denied”.

Adding Print_admin group to my user rectified some of the issues.