Nextcloud App is EOL / Nextcloud SMB/CIFS guest mounts do not work

I recently updated to UCS 5.0-1 which also updated the nextcloud app to 21.0.7.

I basically use nextcloud to export my (univention) samba shares to the web so that I
can access my files with my mobile when I am on the road - at least when I am
connected over openvpn to my home network.

I have no issue mounting my home share as an external SMB/CIFS share in nextcloud
using the credentials from my session.

However, I have one share that I want to “mount” as guest user (and read only) into nextcloud.

When I create as administrator the guest mount for all users, all looks good (the check flag
turns to green). This is achieved by using “Globale Anmeldeinformationen” and leave the
“Globale Anmeldeinformationen” empty.

However, I cannot scan that external share, the icewind code throws an “unknown error 61”
and also the share is not usable via the nextcloud web gui. I was not able to find a similar
bug and therefore wanted to open a bug on github.

The problem is the guest mount only, as soon as I enter a user/password to the
“Globale Anmelde Informationen” (and set the share in Nextcloud to read only), the share
works as intended.

The guest mount works flawlessly when doing this e.g. with “gio mount -a” on a linux
client, so this is not a samba issue.

And then it turns out that 21 is EOL so I can’t file a bug any more.

Can you please provide a supported version of the nextcloud app?

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Why nobody is answering this simple question

Ive also post the same question here

UCS 5.0-1 errata251 And Nexcloud latest version 21.0.7-0 - Univention Help

There is also an Open Issue on Github for this, but not much more Information there.

Ok thanks for the info. Ive also contact sales and this is what ive received like info

Hello Mr.

we are in contact with Nextcloud here, can’t give any statement at this time. As soon as we have new information we will share it with you.

Best regards

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The Nextcloud Hub in the Univention App Center is a third party solution provided by Nextcloud. The responsible contact is mentioned on the linked page. Our Sales and App Center team can only ask the vendors to keep their solutions updated. This can also be done directly by Nextcloud users.

In my opinion regular updates should be a mandatory quality criteria for being a recommended app:

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I see nextcloud 24 is just announced, so slipping further behind. Also agree that perhaps the recommended badge should be removed if its no longer maintained.


Die Hoffnung ist noch, dass es ggf. auf dem Summit besprochen/ geklärt wird. Schließlich kommt Nextcloud CEO.

Who really is responsible for Nextcloud in Univention App Store?
I did ask in the Nextcloud forum and got answered, that it is the job of univention.

It is a poor behavior to send users do do Univention’s job.

Now it is your job to get into contact with the Nexcloud team.

It looks like “ravekniven” in the Nextcloud forum is not involved in the processes at the Nextcloud GmbH and unfortunately he is not able or willing to do some basic research before making those statements.
The responsibilty was already mentioned and this is not a “typical german” thing to refer to it.
Anyway, I have seen a notice that Nextcloud is planning an update this week. no warranty from my side.


Today I got a satisfying answer in the Nextclod-forum from daphne.

an update is scheduled now.

[quote=“ahrnke, post:10, topic:19609”]
this is not a “typical german” thing to refer to it
[/quote]It is indeed. I made my first experiences in the German army for 12 years and in the German economy it is the same problem with the bureaucracy. - But it is the wrong context to do an extended discussion about it :wink:

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Thanks for the upgrades. But there is warning message in 23 now:

Der OPcache-Zwischenspeicher für interne Zeichenfolgen ist fast voll. Um sicherzustellen, dass sich wiederholende Zeichenfolgen effektiv zwischengespeichert werden können, wird empfohlen, opcache.interned_strings_buffer mit einem Wert größer als 8 auf Ihre PHP-Konfiguration anzuwenden.

It is a known issue and should be fixed next.

Please also find this thread

This morning I did upgrade Nextcloud 21.0.4-0 step by step to Nextcloud 23.0.4-0 on my UCS 4.4-9 and I did not get the warnings you claimed.

is disabled (commented out) in /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini as well as in /etc/php/7.0/cli/php.ini of my UCS instance.

In my Nextcloud docker container it also is disabled in /etc/php/7.4/apache2/php.ini and in /etc/php/7.4/cli/php.ini (where the line is ;opcache.interned_strings_buffer=8).

My Collabora-CODE Container is the same I used under Nextcloud 21 and it still works properly.

Can you ignore the message or not? With some installations it comes, with some it doesn’t.
I have set it to “9” and restarted Apache. The error is gone. But after an Nextcloud App Update my changes are also discarded.