UCS 5.0-1 errata251 And Nexcloud latest version 21.0.7-0

Hello im running UCS 5.0-1 errata251 And Nexcloud latest version 21.0.7-0

When running a scan here https://scan.nextcloud.com i get a rating of “F”

2022-03-17 16_37_26-Nextcloud Security Scan Results — Mozilla Firefox

Any future updates schedule ?


Hello someone ? :slight_smile:

Any plan for updates for Nextcloud ?

Thanks !

The wording on nextcloud https://help.nextcloud.com/t/desktop-client-3-4-4-nextcloud-23-0-3-and-22-2-6-are-out-bringing-a-series-of-bug-fixes-and-improvements/135997

Nextcloud 21 is not being maintained, so start preparing your move to 22 or 23 if you haven’t yet

Some news about this start to prepare to move? @blizzz ?

Best, Bernd


Wow nobody use Nextcloud with UCS or what :slight_smile: ?

We are using Nextcloud with UCS and I’m beginning to doubt if that was a wise idea. :wink:

No, there are many users with Nextcloud. I posted the same version problem a few weeks ago in an other thread, but no answer.

One additional problem is the Collabora online server, which must correlate to the Nextcloud addin.

Yes me too :frowning:

I really love how simple is to use UCS and nextcloud together…hope they update it soon

There is no admin here who can help us ?

There is also an Open Issue on Github for this but not much more Info there:

Hello, I have the same problem wit NC on univention, but with Univention 4.8