Nextcloud app as different host


I tested Nextcloud Hub in UCS 5 and it integrates perfectly.

Before putting it in production, it would be easier for users to access it with a different hostname ie: instead of, is it possible?



Maybe this might help you:

(see posting of user lebernd)

Found after forum-search for “nextcloud subdomain”.

Thank you @Mornsgrans, I thought I read once that it was an option at the initial configuration step, but as I couldn’t find it I came here to ask.

I suppose there isn’t an “official” way to do it then.

I’ll give it a try.

Thanks again,


You can install a 2nd server for your cloud server and in front of your system, you can install a proxy, like haproxy. I made it on my Opnsense and it works fine for me.

Best Ben