How to Rewrite Subfolder to Subdomain with Nextcloud Installation

Good Evening,

I have a Nextcloud installation that has it’s directory at subdomain,domain,com/nextcloud.

Currently, when a user accesses subdomain,domain,com, it takes them to Univention’s Portal instead of nextcloud.

There are two things I am attempting to accomplish.

First, I would like to make Univention’s Portal only accessible over LAN and disable access over WAN.

Second, I would like to have Nextcloud directly accessible at instead of without using a redirect.

I would truly appreciate any help you can provide in how I might accomplish this.

Hello @Vanimox

I did this some time ago, it still works for me:

There is a simple vhost-solution as well as a vhost-template-solution.


Not really an answer to that question but perhaps to the problem(?) you thought this to be a solution: Redirect anonymous users to the login-page is a possible setting to protect the portal-page.