Nagios Client on 5.0

Trying to follow the recommended path Solved: Feature Request: Nagios auch noch für UCS 5.0 unterstützen of setting up nagios on a server with 4.4 and checking other 4.4 and 5.0 servers

I have installed nagios server on a seperate machine, trying to check a 5.0 client now i get only errors or the 5.0.

On the server i have “;UNIVENTION_DISK_ROOT;UNKNOWN;SOFT;1;NRPE: Unable to read output”

the nagios client is running on the 5.0 system, the syslog states “Nov 9 11:53:11 p1 nrpe[35866]: Listening for connections on port 5666
Nov 9 11:53:11 p1 nrpe[35866]: Allowing connections from:”
iptables on both machines look ok.

Any help or experience would be very welcome.

I found the solution myself just now, plus a bug that already has been posted. Bug 53681 – Nagios Checks fail in UCS5-domain

In 4.4, a command looked like this:
command[UNIVENTION_SSL]=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_univention_ssl_certificate -w 40 -c 20

In 5.0, the command is defined as a bytes literal and does not work:
command[UNIVENTION_SSL]=b’/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_univention_ssl_certificate -w 40 -c 20’

Good news: manually changing the command back to its old form and restarting the nagios service on the client helps.
Bad news: manually doing this on multiple servers for all services is tedious work.

Would be great if someone could fix this in the next upcoming release, probably its just a small change in the code.