Manual upgrade of Nextcloud to 14




as NC14 is out a while and there is also an updated univention app on github I am wondering when there will be an update of the app in the app store.

By the way is it possible to update the app manually? If yes, what would be the steps to manually upgrade the app with the one on github?



Feature idea: provide an easy way for users to test app updates


I would recommend against upgrading the app manually. The default plain vanilla type might have different settings which might conflict with the ones needed for UCS. So you might end up in a really mess!

But even if it is working you have lost the big advantage of UCS integrated apps. You will not be able to upgrade to a new version of the app- as you have left the recommended upgrade path.



Nextcloud 14 is also available in the Univention Test Appcenter, but there is likely a problem with release, else it would have been pushed to the production appcenter already.

I think the reason for the missing update is that is blocking the new release.


Thank you for the feedback. So we keep on waiting till NC14 is tested and pushed into the production appcenter.

@fbartels Thank you for providing the feature idea, sounds nice.