Feature idea: provide an easy way for users to test app updates

a though that occured to be because of Manual upgrade of Nextcloud to 14

Currently users have three possibilities to install applications:

  • from the official Univention App Center
  • from the test Appcenter
  • from an own locally hosted App Center

the first two options are things every user could do to pull app updates that other have built for them (of course with the big disclaimer that the test App Center is for testing), while only the third option gives users also the ability to upload own and possible newer versions of apps. The downside of the third option is that it will also cut a user off from the official App Center since it will override all settings related to it.

In the past I think I have mentioned Cloudron here already. Univention and Cloudron are quite different, except that both provide a “store” from where you can easily install pre packaged apps.

One difference for app development is that even as a normal user you can easily checkout the source code of a cloudron app, do a local build and then install the resulting app on your system. The workflow is explained at https://cloudron.io/developer/cli/#installing-an-app-from-source-code-using-cloudron-cli

Maybe something to think about for the future…