Mails in Outlook 2016 no longer consistent after upgrade to Kopano Core



I know myself that it is most of the time quite difficult to reproduce such an issue, but I’m glad to hear that you found something now.

Hopefully a hotfix for this will be available soon :slight_smile:
Thank you for your efforts and your support!


small update. Issue is identified and a fix has already been reviewed and merged. Currently running builds to make a new minor release for 8.6.

Keep an eye on for the release.

I would have hoped that our support would have taken better care of your case, but thanks to your persistence and logging I was able to identify the issue nonetheless. I’ll send you a 30 day eval key via private message so that you can do an upgrade to this new release once its there.


Very,very good :+1:

Thanks alot for the eval-key, but do you have a rough idea already when the release will be available officially via the UCS App-Center?


I am not planning to push this as an update into the official app center. But for you this is not an issue, since you can retrieve it through the subscription key.

Kopano zeigt Mails nicht richtig an

You are perfectly right …
I was asking for two reasons:

  1. Avoid the need to change / change back my configuration
  2. What about other potential affected users (without subscription)


no need to change your configuration. you could even leave the eval key in the system, as soon as there is a newer app release you will simply move back to the app release.

Those that have bought a subscription allow me (and the rest of our team) to spent time on such issues.

If anyone reads this and is too broke to afford the 15€ per user (and year) send a mail to and you’ll receive a 30 day eval key as well.

Update: The holidays are coming up and the mentioned mailbox will not be checked as regularly anymore. Please instead request a trial key from (by just downloading any item offered)

Kopano zeigt Mails nicht richtig an

Good morning,

I noticed here that the new release is out:

As advised I entered my eval-key (thanks again for this) in the app settings and ticked the box to use the Kopano repository.

univention-upgrade still gives me:
Starting univention-upgrade. Current UCS version is 4.3-2 errata344

Checking for local repository: none
Checking for package updates: none
Checking for app updates: none
Checking for release updates: none

Did I missed something?

Thx and best regards

Update: Found the solution myself here: Kopano. Key in App-Einstellungen aber trotzdem kommt kein Update



I was able now to install the fixed release and I can confirm that the issue with “empty mails” via ActiveSync in Outlook is solved.

Thanks and great job Kopano-Team!

Unfortunatley I’m facing some new (minor) issues now with Outlook:

  1. GAB-Sync via KOE is no longer working
  2. KOE is not showing any progress update during the complete resync of the mailbox
  3. Notes are no longer syncronized

All of this was working before. I already did a complete resetup of Outlook and KOE (including a full resync).

z-push-admin -a list gives me:

DeviceId: d3bf82d3b92c47a6a142106dac58a452
Device type: WindowsOutlook
UserAgent: Outlook/16.0 (16.0.11001.20073; x86)
ActiveSync version: 14.0
First sync: 2018-11-29 11:36
Last sync: 2018-11-29 12:26
Sync Period: unlimited (0)
Total folders: 46
Short folder Ids: Yes
Synchronized folders: 42
Synchronized data: Emails(37) Contacts Calendars(2) Tasks GAB
Additional Folders: 1
Folder name Store Type Origin Synched
Kalender xxx SYSTEM Calendar Shared Active
Status: Not available
WipeRequest on: not set
WipeRequest by: not set
Wiped on: not set
Policy name: default
Kopano Outlook Extension:
Version: 2.0.314
Build: 87a3a67b120816301d3a001aa5fe842f85cbac98
Build Date: 2018-09-14 11:14
Capabilities: receiveflags,sendflags,bcc,oof,ooftime,sharedfolders,impersonate,webapp,freebusy,gab,notes,secondarycontacts,sendas,signatures,debugsupport,syncstate,deliveryreceipts
Last access: 2018-11-29
Attention needed: No errors known

As this is less critical I will search now the Kopano and UCS forums for solutions.
If you have a tip on what can I check this would be much appreciated.

Best regards

Update: Found a solution for 3 - Solved


Works for me on a ucs test system

my test inbox is not really large, but you are just referring to the indicator of how far along he is in the sync, right? I could not see any issues with resyncs (i did quite some to get behind these empty items).


Hello fbartels,

thanks for giving it a try on your test system.

Correct, this is what I was referring to, the blue bar and the field “Verbleibend” simply do not update during the resync (they remain as shown in the screenshot).

I found out that GAB sync is still working for another user on a different computer.
But on my local machine with my user it is not. Same with the progress inidicator while resyncing.

Very strange … already tried different versions of KOE and even Outlook was reinstalled.

Any ideas what else can I try or check?


Checking logs is always a good idea :wink:
For koe there are two logs to check;

  • one is the koe logging in %temp% on the client.
  • the other is the logging of z-push


Thanks for the hint, I created debug-logs for both and captured starting the Oulook-Client and hitting the KOE “Sync GAB” button. Can’t see anything special or critical in the logs …

I give up now :frowning:


I am not planning to push this as an update into the official app center. But for you this is not an issue, since you can retrieve it through the subscription key.

After update yesterday, I’m affected too.
Outlook 2016/Active Sync: (HTML-) Mails not shown at all.
IOS Devices show messages but no text in body.

I have no subscription key.
It seemed there is no other workaround?
So, I should rely on webmail only for a couple of weeks/months?


Well … this is what you can do:


Just want to post that we encountered the same behaviour with Kopano Core since we updated our servers a week ago.

We encountered this issue also by using kopano-migration-pst that nearly 50% of the emails showed up empty in Outlook.

Even disabling Kopano OLE deleting the account and reinstallung did not solve the issue nearly 50% of the emails stayed empty in Outlook.




Dear Kopano-Team,
we’re having the same issue here, using the community edition with z-push and iOS Clients.
As far as I understood the thread so far, the bugfix will not be published via the app center?!
Will it become part of one of the future updates?
Is there a chance to get the bugfix in any other way?

Many thanks in advance!


Yes, preparing an app update takes time and effort. Not only on our side, but also on the side of Univention. This time I currently have to spend on other things.

Yes, naturally. I cannot say when, though.

I have already listed the options above:

  • get a Kopano subscription, which starts at 75€ and includes five users and use the repo update functionality of the app. The other benefit of this is that you this way also support further development and allow me and my colleagues to spend time on community work.
  • if you cannot spare the 75€ write an email to the above email and get a free 30 days evaluation key.


WOW, many thank for the quick reply, even on Sunday!
You guys are really doing a fantastic job here!


Emailed with @fbartels today and he indicated an update for Kopano4UCS arriving soon (probalby next week). So I guess this will resolve the problem described here.


That’s fantastic news. Thanks for sharing!