Latest nextcloud docker image does not contain package 'smbclient'


with latest nextcloud docker image, the image does not contain ‘smbclient’-package.
So remote samba shares can not be mounted anymore.

"Es ist ein Fehler mit folgender Meldung aufgetreten:Icewind\SMB\Exception\DependencyException: No valid backend available, ensure smbclient is in the path or php-smbclient is installed. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?"

Name: Nextcloud Hub
Latest version: 19.0.3-0

Manually installing smbclient inside the docker container fixed the issue.

Please have a look at it.

thank you.



this is already addressed by Nextcloud (see and Nextcloud 19.0.3 Smbclient missing).

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