Kopano - Forward mails for unknown accounts to external smart host

Hello @all,

we hat our own mail relay which is hosted on an external cloud server.

To handle the personal mail boxes we are using Kopano, which is located in our internal network.

To communicte with our clients we use a ticket system which stays in our DMZ.

Both systems use the same domain “ourdomain”.

We cannot send mails from the personal mailbox to the ticket sytem, as kopano is configured to be resposible for our (complete) domain.

Is it possible to configure Kopano to send any mail for “ourdomain” that it has no mailbox for to our external mail relay, which would store them for the ticket system to pick them up?

Best greets,

Mario Minati

Hi @mario.minati,

this is unfortunately not possible to do in Postfix (the mta used when running Kopano on UCS). What you can do is the following:

  • create a user locally for your support inbox (has the benefit that users will then also see this address in the gab), this user could also only be a shared inbox
  • setup a transport map to relay the mail for your support mailbox to the external system

Hello @fbartes,

we have a few hundred mail addresses for our ticket system, as we provide a separate email for every project mainted by the ticket sytem, we’d like to ask for a simple (bash) script to create a local (kopano only) user and to set transport map.

Otherwise the rhint where to look for the commands.

Best greets,

Mario Minati

Sure, that can be arranged as part of our support/professional services. You can find contact information at https://kopano.com/support-info/.

Hello @fbartels ,

sorry comeing back so late on that issue. I just had some time to test it out. It works nicely. :slight_smile:

As the scripting is a nice little project for one of our apprentices, I’d like to ask if we can create a non-active kopano user via commandline in the ucs ldap store?

The creation of the required transportmap entry via command line is described here and works very well.

Best greets,

Mario Minati