Kopano and UCS4

Dear Univention Team,

since there is still no Kopano for UCS5 and the UCS4 packages are quite old i would like to request to update the Kopano packages for UCS4 so we can at least get all the fixes.

We are experiencing problems with the current packages and some of these problems have been fixed in newer releases.

I would really appreciate a reply to this request.

Thank you.

Hi @chris.g,

Kopano customers with a valid subscription can easily update the Kopano packages on ucs. The procedure is explained at Staying up to date with Kopano releases on UCS - Blog | Kopano.

Hi @fbartels,

and those without a valid subscription?

should really buy one

So, you basically say that everyone running the community edition on UCS is screwed.
Sorry, but this isn’t funny at all.

You can use the app as it is, and will get updates once it is updated for everyone. If you want additional updates you need a subscription from Kopano.

The subscription is there to fund further development and give also access to the Kopano support. If you’re not paying for further development, you’re also not entitled to updates.

Listen, the point is that the app hasn’t been updated since 2019 (Version 8.7.1) and that’s ridiculous.
If i would install a standalone Kopano server i could use the nightly builds to stay up2date.
So were’s the point to not update the Kopano packages in UCS from time to time?

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agree with Chris here…
I do not expect to get real-time stable updates, but maybe once or twice a year or by fresh install.
alternatively you could make it clear in the app that “it is a demo, that will never be updated, use it at you own risk”
as far as subscriptions go, the lowest level to get updates, and no support is for 10 users + the file plugin.
That is simply out of my personal-use budget of 4 users

Seems this is the end of the road and time to switch the vehicle.
We will migrate away from Kopano.
That’s sad but i’m tired. Bye bye.

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Dann ist von 2019 bis jetzt kein Sicherheitsupdate mehr erschienen?

Hi chris.g
can you please share to what alternative you did settle to replace kopano?

We first thought about Zimbra because we need Outlook, but i’m tired of all the promises about Outlook compatibility just to find out that again something won’t work. So in the end, we decided to bite the bullet an use Exchange Online as the Database Server while maintaining our own perimeter mailchain. That way we can do whatever we want during transport (inbound and outbound) and we have full compatibility with Outlook clients. I’m not an M$ fan, but Oulook is a must have for us.

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Gibt es mittlerweile neuere Erkenntnisse/Hinweise, was mit Kopano4ucs ist, um auf UCS5 zu aktualisieren zu können?

Es gibt einen Thread, welcher sich mit den inkompatiblen Apps beschäftigt: Upgrade from 4.4.8 to 5.0 - apps not compatible, yet

Ansonsten gibt es keinerlei mir bekannte weitere Information seitens Kopano oder UCS und wenn du keine Subskription hast, dann hast du sowieso nichts zu melden oder fragen sondern zu akzeptieren und warten.