Improving Matrix integration

We are evaluatinig Univention as a matrix provisioning tool right now, and came to some obstacles we hope someone may help us with:

Apparently, only username and password are provided in Matrix from the LDAP of Univention.
Why aren’t mail addresses, group memberships, telephone numbers and possibly other attributes also taken along?
Can this be built somehow and if so, is there a manual or do you have a hint for us?

You can usually search for users directly in Matrix, but unfortunately this is not possible with Univention integration.
How do you manage to search the users within the UCS LDAP in Matrix, maybe also restricted to those users who are in the same group?

We certainly have a lot of other things that would come to our minds about Matrix, but with answers to these two questions, we would at least be able to get a bit further.


Hi Sascha,

there current Matrix integration is using the Synapse LDAP Auth Provider. If you look at the description (and the code), you can see that there are just the attributes you mentioned being used,
The link above also mentions that there is a ma1sd - Federated Matrix Identity Server which could most likely be used to achieve the things you mentioned. There are a couple more problems to solve if you run your own identity server. During my recent test I have noticed that the mobile app is using’s identity server by default. This might or might not be acceptable for your use-case.

I know that our appcenter-team is in contact with the companies behind Matrix Synapse and Element to discuss improvements. Feel free to add your use-case.