Q&A: Who is my primary contact regarding questions about apps?

Question: Who is my primary contact regarding questions about apps?

As user and administrator for an environment with Univention Corporate Server (UCS) I have a question, challenge or problem with an app in the App Center. Who is my primary contact?

Answer: It depends on the app

Univention App Center is a tool for the deployment of software solutions packaged as “apps” within a UCS environment. For every app there is somebody who is responsible for it, the app provider. Every app is listed in the App Catalog.

UCS administrators with questions about an app like for example Collabora, Kopano, Nextcloud OpenProject, ONLYOFFICE, opsi, ownCloud, OX App Suite, Rocket.Chat, Wekan, etc. should direct them directly to the app provider. The questions can be about functional scope of the integration with UCS, the software in the app itself, costs, business model and support. The app’s info box has contact information, for example:
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Nevertheless, there are apps in the App Center from Univention that provide software that is not part of Univention Corporate Server, for example GitLab, Guacamole, Jitsi Meet and Odoo. In this case Univention is in the role of a maintainer for the app.

The apps use the respective vanilla software and in some cases add “glue” for the integration with UCS without customizing the software. Questions regarding the software’s functionality are best addressed in the respective channel the software offers, because Univention does not have detailed know how on such software products.

In order to find the right place for your request the following hints may help:

  1. Questions regarding functional scope, configuration or customization of the app’s software: → Vendor of the software
  2. Questions regarding identity management related topics and integration with UCS: → Maintainer / provider of the app.
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