How to really add a Printer / how to verify the printer setup on the UCS side

Hello There,

I am hitting this topic for the first time - in other words I am total rookie on shared printers and so on. I am thankful for any sort of help! Anyway. I followed the instructions and:

  • installed CUPS app
  • added our printer as IP Client
  • added our printer as Printer

Screenshot from 2023-03-31 11-57-57

When I visit https://ucs.werkbank.intranet:631 I arrive at the dashboard of CUPS and I can see the printer. From there I can issue to print a test page. I even managed to add the printer to an Ubuntu system and run a print command from there.

Today we totally disabled any sort of Authentication on the printer itself. We even managed to install the root ca certificate from our Domain Controller on the Printer. But no matter if we were trying to use ipp:// or http:// - both services are enabled on the printer - all we got was that found in /var/log/cups/error_log:

E [31/Mar/2023:08:50:20 +0100] [Client 215] Unable to encrypt connection: A TLS fatal alert has been received.
E [31/Mar/2023:08:50:20 +0100] [Job 5] Druckerstatus konnte nicht ermittelt werden:
E [31/Mar/2023:08:50:25 +0100] [Client 217] Unable to encrypt connection: A TLS fatal alert has been received.

Is there any way to find out if the setup on the UCS is correct such that we can concentrate to find the issue on the printer side?

The printer supports LDAP, do we need to enable it in order for this to work?

When I try to delete a Job on the CUPS Dashboard, it tells me that I am not allowed to do so, even though I am logged in with a Administrator account. Are there any permissions/user settings we have to make in order to be able to audit the printer on the ucs side?

When I try to delete Print Jobs from within the UCS Dashboard, I am getting this error:

Screenshot from 2023-03-31 12-11-52

Does the UCS try authenticate in some way on the printer? Are the credentials from the user passed over to the printer, or does UCS use a different account for that?

Thanks for any hints.

Somehow we have managed to add the printer to the ucs. I was some trail an error finding the right PPD file. But now there is another Problem: The Printers should be login protected. So in the Access Control Panel we set it like that:

Screenshot from 2023-04-05 14-52-11

With that setup no windows client can print anymore. On a linux Box that works fine, once the user has pressed the »PRINT« button, the popup asking the credentials shows up and everything works. Windows clients can only Print if the protection is disabled.

Additionally I have installed the samba4 and adconnector but that doesn’t change a thing: The printer doesn’t show up.

What might be the catch here??