Going to try installing NetXMS apt repo. Do I do debian or ubuntu version?

Similar to the thread here regarding installing a deb of the zabbix agent, I’d like to do the same for the NetXMS NMS. Aware of all the caveats re. upgrades and removing packages before upgrades.

They have an apt repo for debian and ubuntu, and I’m just wondering what everyone would suggest I try (stretch or xenial)?

I believe I’ve read before that UCS is a bit of a mix of debian kernel and ubuntu userland (or is it vice versa)?

It seems the packages don’t have too many dependencies - this will all be in a test lab rather than production.

I guess I can compile from source if otherwise this doesn’t work.

UCS is based on Debian, not on Ubuntu. Therefore always use a Debian-specific repo if one is provided.

UCS 4.3 & 4.4 use Debian stretch as their base; so that’s the one to use.

Thanks Moritz, looks like the debian version has installed OK.

Was it UCC instead that was ubuntu based?

Yes, the client was indeed based on Ubuntu whereas the server has always been based on Debian.

As a side note: the UCC has been discontinued and replaced by the new domain join assistant which can join an existing Ubuntu installation into the UCS domain and which will likely be extended to support Debian clients, too.