Future of Kopano


An article appeared in December about Kopano’s end-of-life (https://kopano.com/releases/announcement-kopano-groupware-is-going-end-of-life-in-2025/)

Will Kopano still be available on Univention in 2025 ?



No, Kopano will only be availabel with 3rd partner. But this is still in beta. I have changed to mailcow.

It is rather clearly, that the Univention-App of Kopano is eol.

So all Kopano users will need to find a new solution, like Mailcow, Grommunio or eGroupware as an UCS app.

@boospy: Did you install mailcow on UCS or on a different server?

Grommunio was also an idea at first. But time pressure was also a decisive factor here. And Mailcow was recommended to me by many people. So I gave it a try.

Mailcow is installed very quickly. Ubuntu 22.04 + Docker via sources directly from Docker. (Standard)
And then it goes quite quickly, as almost the entire configuration is done in the web interface. The documentation is also very good. High praise.

The only disadvantage is that the Keycloak connection is still BETA. It is only available in nightly testing. For this reason, I have created local users for the time being.

The entire migration process incl. contacts, mails… takes 2 days.

Thank you for your short summarize.
I also did install Mailcow one year ago just for testing in a separate standalone Ubuntu-VM and it worked fine except a few small issues. Later I ran into trouble with the reverse Proxy on my UCS after an update of Mailcow.

Because I only have one public IP-address I needed to forward external requests to Mailcow via UCS.

Incoming mails became filtered by ASSP and forwarded to mailcow and outgoing mails were sent directly from Mailcow via SMTP-gateway at my provider. The client access from outside to mailcow made a few problems, but I didn’t solve it finally, because it only was for testing.

It would be great, if Univention would implement Mailcow as an Univention app, but it just seems to be a nice dream…

This will happen at the earliest when the interface to Keycloak has been finalised and tested thoroughly enough.

It’s quite a lot of work that Mailcow would have to do here. In the end, Mailcow itself is responsible for the implementation and not Univention.

Whether you are approved for the app centre or not… there will also be a predefined process from Univention. In my opinion, Mailcow has the necessary expertise and the app would certainly be worth it.

100 points for the :cow:


Correct, but in my optinion it may be Univention’s job to ask Mailcow, to create an Univention docker application.

If I read it right a few weeks ago, Mailcow seems to offer Nextcloud implementation, too. If it is so, maybe I will decide to replace my UCS by Mailcow with Nextcloud next.

I would prefer grommunio because it already has Nextcloud in it, supports Keycloak and is the “most real” open-source Exchange Clone I have ever seen, what is a dream if you are working much with Outlook. :wink:


Thank you for your recommendation.

btw: I don’t use Outlook, because emClient is much more better.

Last time i used Outlook was 1998 i think… :innocent:


Is it limited to 5 users ?