Fresh installed "Bitwarden" "An unexpected error occurred" while login


i installed Bitwarden today. After i sign up a new account and got the “Welcome” Mail.

Thank you for creating an account with Bitwarden. You may now log in with your new account.
Did you know that Bitwarden is free to sync with all of your devices? Download Bitwarden today on:

Now i tried to login, but i got a message: “An unexpected error occurred.”

I didnt find any logs in /var/log/. I looked in syslog, univention/appcenter.log, management logs etc.

In the Internet i only found “use the latest browserversion” solution, but i already use the latest.

Any Ideas?

Best Regards


Hello @Corin,

Bitwarden is a multi container app using Docker compose. To obtain the logs from the main service run univention-app logs bitwarden.

To get the collected logs of all services involved, do the following. I hope I remember the directory and the commands correctly:

cd /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/bitwarden/docker
docker-compose -p bitwarden logs

This shall give you all the logs of the involved containers when accessing Bitwarden. I hope this help to find the cause for the error message.

Best regards,

Hi @gulden,

thank you for your Assistance.

Toda i filter the logs, but i cant find problems. the log is very big.

i will try to find this Error.