Bitwarden server fails

Good day,

I recently installed Bitwarden on a fresh UCS server, however it will not allow a login after a user is created. What I found was partly from another post with this same problem where an error log in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/bitwarden/nginx showed connection failure to On further review I have found there are two docker containers in this setup that are continuously restarting, and one of them is the at .
These two are:
92a87b5076d0 “/” 2 hours ago Restarting (139) 19 seconds ago bitwarden-sso
75817d7b8b47 “/” 2 hours ago Restarting (139) 17 seconds ago bitwarden-ide

This is a fresh install of bitwarden on a fresh install of UCS with all current updates applied.
Please review as I am not sure why these two containers are failing to start.

Hello @michaels2408,

an app update for Bitwarden has been released yesterday. It fixes the problem you report. I guess, you have installed the app on the system roles slave or member.

You can find an explanation for the reasons here:

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