First milestone of UCS@school 3.0 released

We are please to announce the availability of the first milestone of UCS@school 3.0. The milestone addresses partners who want to take a first look at the upcoming UCS@school 3.0. The milestone is not yet “feature-complete” and it is not designated for production use. An update from UCS@school 2.4 to UCS@school 3.0 is not yet supported.

The following components of the planned feature set of UCS@school 3.0 are already available in the milestone:[ul]
[li] The packages of UCS@school 3.0 have been updated to the basis of UCS 3.0.[/li]
[li] The data import of user account information has been updated and improved. The implementation for the renaming of classes at the end of the school year is included.[/li]
[li] The authentication process for the web proxy has been revised fundamentally to improve the support of Samba 3 and Samba 4 and to accomplish a more optimal performance.[/li]
[li] The forwarding of the proxy authentication for the Internet access to other proxy servers is already available. Final tests, e.g. with TIME for kids, are to be awaited.[/li]
[li] The UMC modules for UCS@school 3.0 are included in an intermediate state.[/li]
[li] The Samba 4 packages are included. The Samba 4 integration in UCS@school 3.0 is not yet completed. A part of the selective replication of directory service data of local school servers is finished. The implementation of replication conflict recognition and handling is not yet completed.[/li]
[li] Radius is integrated in UCS@school 3.0 and can already be configured. It allows the connection of mobile devices. The implementation of the configuration through the UCS management system is not yet completed.[/li]
[li] The packages of iTALC 2 are already available. The update of the integration in the UMC modules is not yet finished. iTALC2 provides a broader support for Microsoft Windows, especially Windows 7.[/li][/ul] Questions can be asked in the Univention Forum in the section UCS@school. Information about download and installation of the milestone and about the most important enhancements planned for UCS@school 3.0 can be found in the Univention Wiki.