Second Milestone of UCS@school 3.0 released

We are please to announce the availability of the second milestone of UCS@school 3.0. The milestone addresses partners who want to take a look on the improvements since the first milestone. The milestone is not yet “feature-complete” and it is not designated for production use. An update from UCS@school 2.4 to UCS@school 3.0 is not yet supported.

The following components of the planned feature set of UCS@school 3.0 have been added since the first milestone:[ul]
[li] The UMC modules for UCS@school 3.0 are now all included in an updated status (see screenshot).[/li]
[li] The UMC module for room reservation has been removed. The functionality are simplified in the UMC modules Computer room and distribute materials.[/li]
[li] Wizards to create users, classes or groups, computers and schools are included in an intermediate state.[/li]
[li] The Samba 4 integration in UCS@school 3.0 is included in an updated intermediate state. The selective replication of directory service data of school servers has been implemented. The implementation of conflict detection and conflict handling is not yet completed.[/li]
[li] Radius is integrated in UCS@school 3.0 and can already be configured. It allows the connection of mobile devices. The implementation of the configuration through the UCS management system is not yet completed.[/li][/ul]
Questions can be asked in the Univention Forum in the section UCS@school. Information about download and installation of the milestone and about the most important enhancements planned for UCS@school 3.0 can be found in the Univention Wiki.