Enable OpenProject Bim Edition

Having installed OpenProject I would like to enable OpenProject Bim Edition. After the first problems to log in with any of my users I learned in this threat: openproject-erlaubt-keinen-login that at least one user is authorized to log in: User admin (Initialpassword: admin). Other user for whom I gave autorisations in Univention User Managemant still can’t log in but that will certainly be solvable.

Switching to Bim Edition is described here changing-to-bim-edition. Best practice would be to create a ucs variable in Univention Configuration Registry to make changes consitent through updates but I didn’t find anything on this topic.
Has anyone got some ideas ? @tafkaz ?, @MasinAD , @Moritz_Bunkus did get further with authorization task?
Greetings Jakob

Hi Jakob,
I feel somehow honoured to be referenced here, but unfortunately I can’t really help you.
Unfortunately, I no longer run Openproject anywhere under UCS, partly because I never received any answer to my original question. My conclusion was that I’d rather not install Openproject from the Appcenter any more.

Hello Sascha @tafkaz,
I do have also doubts about OpenProject on UCS. It seems that there is no real interest to make work this app properly on UCS (although one of the best hosts ever) → https://help.univention.com/t/openproject-removed-from-appcenter-disables-existing-installation/18920 or https://help.univention.com/t/openproject-erlaubt-keinen-login/8228. I wonder if bim@openproject.com does know about the questions on this forum? Thank you for your answer. Greetings Jakob