DMS als UCS-App

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ich habe gerade mal im App-Katalog geschaut. Aktuell gibt es kein DMS als UCS-App, richtig? Ist da eventuell etwas geplant?

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establishing English in the forum, sorry.

I just looked in the app catalog. Currently there is no DMS as UCS app, right? Is there possibly something >planned?

As UCC is discontinued “there will be no new features, no new release based on Ubuntu 18.04 and no update for the next UCS release.”

Use Ubuntu and available Linux-DMS clients.
Damn, I was reading too fast. You did not mean UCC… sorry for above. See following post regarding UCS.


Hello @pixel

I guess you meant a document management system with DMS, right? There are plans that agorum core is coming back to the App Center.

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yes, I mean “document management system” … Does an approximate schedule exist? 1 month, half year, one year …? without obligation, of course


we at agorum are happy to announce, that the document management system “agorum core” will be back in the UCS-App Center by the end of this year. More details at:

So stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding agorum core, feel free to contact us.

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Hello @mahescho,

thank you very much for the hint on EcoDMS. I just had a look at Docker Hub and there seems to be an official Docker image. This and the description linked above should make it quite straight forward for the vendor to create an app following the app provider documentation.

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I have looked at the website. What I couldn’t find there is any information on whether there is also a client for Linux. Or does everything work via a web interface?

Sure, agorum core runs also on Linux Clients. It is mostly web based. We also have different protocols like SMB/CIFS, WebDAV, IMAP, SMTP, etc … that also work with linux clients. You should see everything in the “Feature overview” on this page: agorum core open - Open Source Dokumentenmanagement