DMS als UCS-App



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ich habe gerade mal im App-Katalog geschaut. Aktuell gibt es kein DMS als UCS-App, richtig? Ist da eventuell etwas geplant?

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establishing English in the forum, sorry.

I just looked in the app catalog. Currently there is no DMS as UCS app, right? Is there possibly something >planned?

As UCC is discontinued “there will be no new features, no new release based on Ubuntu 18.04 and no update for the next UCS release.”

Use Ubuntu and available Linux-DMS clients.
Damn, I was reading too fast. You did not mean UCC… sorry for above. See following post regarding UCS.



Hello @pixel

I guess you meant a document management system with DMS, right? There are plans that agorum core is coming back to the App Center.

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yes, I mean “document management system” … Does an approximate schedule exist? 1 month, half year, one year …? without obligation, of course



we at agorum are happy to announce, that the document management system “agorum core” will be back in the UCS-App Center by the end of this year. More details at:

So stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding agorum core, feel free to contact us.

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