Dashboard 2.0: Install plugins


how we can install plugins for the new dashboard? This seems not be working:


The plugins will be downloaded to /var/lib/grafana/plugins/ und can be moved to /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/admin-dashboard/data/plugins. The grafana.ini should be adjusted I assume.

@SirTux try that but i don’t have that folder /var/lib/grafana

The folder is created by grafana-cli I assume.

Inisde the container?

Yes inside the container

Ok, sorry i missed that

With this i«m able to copy it

univention-app shell admin-dashboard cp -R /var/lib/grafana/plugins/grafana-image-renderer/ /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/admin-dashboard/data/pl

i guess i break the installation…
now i’m getting failed gateway…

I solve the issue, the grafana-image-render plugin cannot be used with docker