Bind forgets to forward


i have something crazy, i dont get what is the reason…

my local dns server should forward all not known entrys to, so i set it as forwarder…
it works without any problems BUT after sometime it dont forward any more… after a restart of the bind service it works again:


what the hell could cause this issue?




sounds indeed weird. I guess replication got stuck for some reason. Check here.

And/ or check your DNS/Bind log entries. Be aware when using LDAP as backend there is a second bind-process running!

My recommendation is to use the Samba backend on all UCS using Samba and only change to LDAP where Samba is not installed!


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we still have this issue… we have a currently a workaround that we restart ucs dns server every 30 minutes… quiet stupid i know.

i also set dns loglevel to 11, have massive logs… but nothing that could explain why it stopped forwarding request for a specifc domain…

and of course we use every where samba backend.

maybe you have a other idea?

thank you very much!