Bareos Client on Member or Slave Servers

I installed Bareos Backup Server on one of mine UCS Server.
In UMC I can enable backup job for Windows clients, but I can’t see the Bareos Backup option for Member or Slave UCS Servers.
How can I use Bareos on UCS Member and Slave Servers?

Hello Miclan,

you can easily backup the server where you have your bareos installation with the ‘self’-Backup.
I have found the relevant settings to enable the register-card for bareos-backups on UCS under:
Domain - LDAP: univention / custom attributes / bareos. In the module-tab you can add other domain-roles for backup.
I have done this some time ago but remember that the apparently blank first and third field - are just appearing blank! That’s kind of strange, but I think what you don’t see is the Linux and Ubuntu -role. But they are nevertheless enabled through these fields. So start at the end of the list by adding/ choosing new roles.
I have never tried to regain access or to rebuild a UCS-Server with the backups I’ve made. I just think there might be some reason why it is not enabled by default. But Member and Slave should be fine in most scenarios?

I also did mark this as dangerous - It was written out of my memory and when I tried it out now… there is still an issue (?) with choosing ‘Computer: Linux’ and ‘Computer: Ubuntu’ here. Meaning, that you can’t chose them and they are gone if you add another item. I will write this as a question - but another time. (Last time I did manage somehow to get Linux and Ubuntu back, but I’ve forgotten how…)

Best, Bernd

To shorten for someone who did not read that you better DON’T change the ‘custom attributes’ over the GUI (and for my documentation…):