Bareos 18.2.5 availability

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is there any date known, when the UCS version of Bareos will be updated from 17.xx to 18.xx ? My current centos based backup server is already running on 18.xx. Since I plan to migrate it to UCS I do not want to risk incompatibilities with the already upgraded bareos clients because if the need to downgrade to 17.xx.


Hello @lw3234,

an update for the Bareos app to 18.2.x is currently work in progress by Bareos.

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Hello Nico,

thanks for the information.
Does it make sense to ask for a target date ? :slight_smile:


Hello @lw3234,

well, you can ask for sure, but I cannot answer the question :wink:

You could use the contact information provided with the Bareos app and ask there directly.

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As I suspected…
I wrote an email to the contact address provided and got the following answer:

UCS Packages for 18.2. are available here:

Is the Bareos version from the UCS Appcenter no docker container but installed native ?

  • If yes, does installing Bareos from the appcenter and then manually installing the 18.2 from the given source update everything correctly or will it destroy the UCS integration ?
  • If no, why is the docker container not updated if the version already exists ?

Thx anyway.

Hello @lw3234

Bareos in Univention App Center is based on Debian packages. The app uses the default Bareos packages plus integration into UCS. For using the last major release you should wait for the app.

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Hi, do you have a rough estimation when this will be available?

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Unfortunately, not. If I had, I would have posted it. But, I’ve asked Bareos.

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First release candidate of Bareos 19.2.4 just has been released, along with updates for the 18.x, 17.x and 16.x versions. Final version is expected in early 2020.

I assume an update of the Univention version of Bareos from 17.2.6 to 17.2.8 will be available around the same time ? :wink: (sorry for the sarcasm)

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Any update from Bareos ? The current stable release is 19.2.5 (also as UCS package in the bareos repo)… However no Univention app update in sight. Are docker container not supposed to enable fast application updates without a big fuss ?

I understand that Bareos also wants to and has to sell subscriptions, but if there is no free integration version via UCS for years, you might want to think about doing it without a subscription. Btw: I as a mostly free user have reported a (integration) bug a long time ago, but the official fix has never been released due to lack of updates. Unfortunately, my motivation to help out here is decreasing as well.

@lw3234: Until now Bareos was not a Docker App, don’t know if this will change

So if Bareos currently isn’t a docker container… What is than the difference between the Bareos version from the app center and the one I can just directly download from the Bareos repository named Bareos for UCS ? (Please don’t tell me that Bareos just relabled the debain version of Bareos and put it into another directory :-))

I can think of at least two main things:

  1. Some Bareos variables have values through UMC - the main director and some storage values.
  2. For the joined clients there is an automated generation of config-files (when enabled for the client in UMC).

Yes, the difference between the Bareos version from the app center and form plain Bareos repository is the additional UCS integration (package).

Makes sense.

So if I would be having a Bareos subscription and asking Bareos why there is no update for my version on UCS while the “public” is 2 major releases ahead … Would they suggest to install Bareos 17 from the UCS app center and then just (dirty) install the 19.x UCS version from their repo ?

Would they ? :thinking:


According to the man page of bareos, the UCS version for Bareos on UCS 4.3 should be 18.2…

And at last line from the UCS table you see, that there is still no newer integration package ‘univention-bareos’ since UCS 4.2 …

Oh, you are right, I overlooked the last line.
Indeed, no update of the integration package since UCS 4.2…

Okay, seriously is there anyone who is able to explain the future timeline or the reasons behind that situation ? I tried to reach out to bareos through their mail adress given in UCS app center without any response and here in the help center from UCS side no one seems to be able to give any clues as well.

^^ Please do not missinterpret my tone, I am not accusing, I just try to find out where to get the necessary information to react accordingly. If there will be no bareos package upgrade in the foreseeable future I just will find another solution to my backup issue.

Today I initiated the release process of bareos-18.2.7 to the UCS AppCenter. I’m confident, it will be available in the next days.
There have been several reasons why this has taken so long. A mayor problem is that our automated build infrastructure ( does not support UCS 4.4 very well. Currently we are in the process to switch to another build infrastructure. Therefore I hope, this will be faster at the next releases.


Thank you for the explanation and the good news !

Looking forward to the release :slight_smile: