Bareos 18.2.5 availability

bareos-18.2.7 is now available at the UCS AppCenter.


Great ! Just set it up and it works nicely so far.

However I need to mention the following:


  • The bareos-dir backup job (if activated) is using the default “LinuxAll” file set which statically excludes /var/lib/bareos/storage from the backup. Consequently if you changed the storage directory via UCS variable this job runs infinitely until the volume limit is reached.


  • The selection of variables which are available through UCS by default are somehow not consistent. e.g. why can I adjust the volume count and size for each type but not the retention days ? In my case I do not need full backups to be available for 1 year.
  • The current implementation of Bareos for UCS provides in my opinion only a minimal advantage over a classical installation. Despite the auto generation of the client config on the director side there is no comfortable way to export the client config in one go.

Just my 2 cents… Anyway thank you for making the release of the new version possible.

I have this variable on my system: bareos/max_full_volume_days
I think it won’t set a new retention time on already created volumes but on new ones.


Yes, it is true, that changing the Pool Retention Time only allies to new volumes. This is the Bareos default behavior. You need the update volume command (in bconsole) to update existing volumes. You can apply the change to all volumes of a pool at once.


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A fresh install of UCS Bareos 18.2.7 did not have those variables… . I know pretty sure cause I added them myself and therefore also edited the template file which did not contain the variable either.

Would seem like a bug to me as well…