Antivirus for Files in Nextcloud

How do you configure the Antivirus for Files app in nextcloud on UCS?

Hey tvroi,

Nextcloud Apps can be installed within the UCS-Nextcloud-App like in any other installation, therefore I would advise you to ask general Nextcloud-related questions in the Nextcloud Forum.

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Sorry, should have been more clear with my question. The app is installed but it cannot find the ClamAV binary or socket connection. I installed the clamav-daemon (per How-To: Enable Virus Scanning For Files).

I am avoiding installing clamav in the nextcloud docker container because I do not think it would survive UCS app updates.

I’m really looking for assistance with configuration of the Antivirus for Files app specific to the UCS installation of ClamAV.

Thank you

Hey tvroi,

in this case our forum is the right place to ask :wink:
Normally the installation instructions for Debian should work, but they seem to assume that Nextcloud is installed directly - My guess is that die ClamAV socket has to be mounted to the Nextcloud container as a volume:

ucr set appcenter/apps/nextcloud/docker/params='-v /var/run/clamav/:/var/run/clamav/'

The problem is: This has to be done before installing the app. If the app is already installed one can try to reinitialize: univention-app reinitialize nextcloud
The volumes can be checked like this (jq has to be installed beforehand):

docker inspect <ID> | jq .[0].Config.Volumes

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Wonderful, thanks I’ll try that