How-To: Enable Virus Scanning For Files



How to enable virus scanning for files

Viruses for Linux based systems are not very widely spread so there is usually no need to protect Linux systems against viruses.

But as most desktop systems are running on Windows it you might to consider scanning all files Windows system store on the UCS server.

Step 1

Install clamav:
univention-install clamav-daemon

Step 2

Enable scanning for desired directories at preferred time:
echo "30 23 * * * clamdscan -v /home" >> /etc/cron.d/clamdscan
This will enable scanning daily at 23:30 :clock1130: for all files in the /home directory. Add additonal times and/ or directories similar to the above command.

To enable virus scanning for emails check our documentation.
To protect web browsing in UCS@school environments use this documentation.