Zimbra4UCS - Zimbra-Connector TLSv1 Problem [Workarround included]

Hello UCS-Community,

I found that with the current Version of Zimbra the Connector is not working anymore.
When trying to connect after the Installation of the app, I receive an error regarding TLSv1

When I try to communicate with zimbra via bash and openssl via TLSv1 this also won’t work anymore and it seems to be TLSv1_2 is now the minimum requirement.

I tracked this down and the issue seems to be the following:

Apply the patch manually:
edit the file /usr/share/pyshared/pythonzimbra/tools/urllib2_tls.py on your UCS machine and change line 34 according to the commit linked above (simply replace TLSv1 with TLSv1_2 at the end of the line)

Caution: This may (or may not) introduce issues when updating Univention/Zimbra4UCS

It would be great if s/o at UCS could introduce a more recent version of pythonzimbra or backport the commit to get this all working again.

Thank you very much and stay healthy.