Zimbra connector + UCS nextcloud and zimbra drive for share access via email webapp?

Hi all, I’ve seen a few people are using the zimbra connector to sync LDAP auth from UCS. We’ve used zimbra for a long time and I’m keen to get it authenticating against UCS.

However, has anyone tried to integrate UCS’ nextcloud app with the new zimbra drive zimlet in the latest versions?

To me this would be the best of both worlds with re. to public access, expose only zimbra on port 443 and allow access to UCS share mounted nextcloud drive via the zimbra drive app. I guess you prob still need nextcloud ports exposed to have working sync via apps, but I was thinking more about a single web interface to both mail and file storage.

I’ve had one go in a test lab at installing zimbra drive and then trying to hook it up to UCS nextcloud but it broke the UCS nextcloud app (probably the zimbra nextcloud plugin tries to override ldap from UCS in some way and there’s a three way battle?

I’ll try again paying closer attention, but wondered if anyone has tried this combo?

Seems Kopano files might be a more common UCS way of achieving this without nextcloud necessarily? Was going to try that too to see how it compares to zimbra, although we’re pretty rusted on to zimbra at the moment.


It’s not necessary (the files Plugin can access samba network shares, ftp and NFS webdav shares directly) but for functionality as easy sharing with externals you might want to use Nextcloud either way. But for this nothing needs to be setup within Nextcloud (your question suggests for Zimbra this is different).

Hi fbartels, that’s right seems zimbra needs a plugin (zimlet) for the nextcloud files access and in nextcloud you need a nextcloud app for zimbra as well.

Does kopano use the webdav or owncloud storage type driver for nextcloud?

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Our files integration has a dedicated Owncloud option (which works just as well with Nextcloud). This option uses webdav for data exchange and uses the Owncloud api for managing and creating shares.