Zarafa4UCS Webmeetings Support?

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform is the recent addition of it’s Webmeetings functionality to allow video-conferencing & other live collaboration & sharing technologies directly from Webapp in the browser. Having reviewed the installation manual I see that it’s architecture involves the use of an Nginx web server frontend to proxy requests into Apache.

I imagine that level of re-engineering is one the good folk here at Univention would not enter into lightly given the core nature of Apache to the UCS platform.

So I was just looking for some informed comment as to whether Univention has any plans to support the Webmeetings functionality in future releases of Zarafa4UCS ?


Zarafa found a solution for UCS and Zarafa web meetings was released in the UCS 4.0 App Center last week.

Ahaaah, got it now. I wasn’t expecting it to be a separate App Centre install. Only just got it up & running but it looks good. Thanks for pointing that out.