Zarafa Outlook Support Ending

Just been to Zarafa website and it says they are ending Outlook support.
Anyone know how to install Sogo and Openchange as an alternative.

No yet. SOGo provides debian packages: … ebian.html

I think you also need some packages from unmaintained, for example:

echo "deb wheezy wheezy" >>/etc/apt/sources.list
ucr set repository/online/unmaintained='yes'
apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key 0x810273C4
univention-install sogo

And the documentation says port 20000 must be open, this can be done in the following way:

ucr set security/packetfilter/package/sogo/tcp/20000/all=ACCEPT
/etc/init.d/univention-firewall restart

The SOGo documentation then refers to the config file /etc/sogo/sogo.conf.

Dear UCS Team,
are you aware about the fact that me and my partners need to immediately stop rolling out UCS installations, since the only reason to migrate over from SBS was the UCS+Zarafa setup?
Without proper MS Outlook integration your whole product is completely useless for us, and we need to migrate every company we support over to Office 365. I don’t know how much influence you have on Zarafa’s decision, but this will be a complete showstopper.
Best regards,

It is unfortunate that you have to stop your UCS installations.We will continue our work on building a platform for many different applications which can be run on UCS.

However, we have only little influence on certainly well-considered decisions of our partners. Sorry to have no better news for you.

Dear Mr. Gohmann,
we would be happy, if UCS could integrate an alternative to Zarafa, delivering Outlook compatibility. Up to now nothing seems to be close to it. Are there any plans for the future?

Best regards,

What is with Kolab? It has also Outlook connectors.

OX has also Outlook Connectors: … ft_Outlook