Zammad - Trigger not working


i got a problem with the trigger in zammad.
I want to configure a trigger, which sends a mail to the customer on ticket change.
The mail-config is working so far for example when a new ticket is created, a mail is send to the agents.

I tried several serverrestarts, new tickets, trigger configs and starting the trigger-scheduler, like described here.

Nothing is working.
Anyone with the same problem, or maybe a solution?

This triggerconfig should work as far as i can assess (it’s set to active, not shown in screenshot):

Thanks for help.

I forgot to mention the versions:
UCS 4.4-2 errata301
Zammad 3.0.0-9

Hello @onomant ,

thank you for your question regarding Zammad. Please open a topic in the Zammad Forum , where you can reach the app provider. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Ok, done.
If there will be a solution, i will refer here.


I forgot/didn’t know a seperate mail account set up to the destination-usergroup was needed.
Problem solved here.