Zafara and outlook


I have just installed UCS with a basic mail server role , using zafara.
Webmail works perfect, I can send and receive mail for my registered domain.
Mail push work perfect from i-pad
Domain functionality works fine, I can join pcs to the domain and loging using a domain user.

howerver, I cannot connect using Outlook either internally or externally, I get either a server not online or a certificate error Using the self signed certificate at the moment, but i also have a purchased certificate wich is not installed on that machine right now)

the zafara-licensed (might be wrong packag name) is installed and service is running, il believe i need that to connect up to 3 accounts…

when I do a Telnet 25 both internally and externally i get proper responses,

so i’m a bit puzzeled as to what is mising (i suspect dns or certificate issue, but i can’t pinpoint it), this is the last bit i need to ditch my Windows based mail server…

as a precision, linux is pretty new to me and i’m not a mail pro, just basic konwledge

any suggestion would be greatly apreciated

Thank you,



did you install the Zarafa Windows Client?

In the user manual of ZCP you can find more about the configuration of Outlook by using the Zarafa Windows Client.

The necessary msi file is located at the download directory of Zarafa, but please make sure the version of zarafa corresponds to your version. You can browse the directory for the right version.

Best regards
Ulf Friedel

Thank you,

That was the missing piece, got it all working now :slight_smile: