Z-Push for Kopano problem on upgraded UCS 4.2

I have just upgraded to UCS 4.2. Pre the upgrade I had a happy Kopano install with Z-Push for Kopano working well also.

After upgrade, Z-Push ceased working. So I uninstalled it successfully from the UMC AppCenter with a view to reinstalling it. When installing via the AppCenter, the “running tests for installed applications” message displays for some minutes prior to an error dialogue stating “Internal Server Error”.

The only trace I can find in logs is from the management-console-module-appcenter.log:-

09.04.17 10:56:34.425  MODULE      ( PROCESS ) : Finished dry_run for z-push-kopano on localhost
09.04.17 10:56:34.426  MODULE      ( PROCESS ) : Problems encountered or confirmation required. Removing component z-push-kopano_20170308162400

Trying a command-line install with “univention-install z-push-kopano” results in:-

Package z-push-kopano is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

I have read that Kopano can be updated from an alternate Kopano repo on UCS 4.2, but would rather try to get this issue sorted without maybe complicating things with additional repos at this point. Any guidance/help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

To follow-up on this, I now realize that the package I should be trying to install is “kopano4ucs-z-push”. But if I execute “univention-install kopano4ucs-z-push” at the command line I get:-

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 kopano4ucs-z-push : Depends: z-push-kopano but it is not installable
                     Depends: z-push-kopano-gabsync but it is not installable
                     Depends: z-push-config-apache but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

Failing any response here over the next day or 2 I will look into implementing a separate kopano repository.

I also notice that if I search for the Kopano repository entries in the Univention Configuration Registry, there are entries for:-

Kopano Core
Kopano Webapp
Kopano WebMeetings

But there is no repository entry for Kopano Z-Push

Can anyone clarify if that is as intended ???

I’m also now getting a “notification” bubble in the UMC that says:-

Z-Push for Kopano
Registration of the applications in the domain failed. It will be retried when opening this module again. This may also cause problems when installing applications.

Anyone else seeing the same behaviour ?

Hello @tose,

since the app repository is not enabled you cannot install the package manually (since no repository provides them). The correct way to install an app from the commandline would be

$ univention-app install z-push-kopano

What is the output, when you try it with univention-app?

Thanks so much Felix. Your advice to use “univention-app install z-push-kopano” resulted in a successful install of Z-Push and all ActiveSync functionality working perfectly.

This is the 1st time I have ever had to try installing an AppCenter app from the command line, and I was completely unaware there was a different Univention command used for that purpose. It will be seared into my memory banks now :smile:

I’m still a little bemused as to why it was failing attempts to install from the AppCenter. Perhaps my attempts to install using “univention-install” upset something that the AppCenter install scripts depend upon ?

Regardless, thank you again for the many times you have helped me out with my Zarafa/Kopano Univention integration issues. :wave: