Wrong AD Domain



I’m going through some testing, and install UCS as an AD controller. I’d say I’m 90% sure when I set up the windows domain, I set it to ‘domtest’, but now it looks like it had been reset to the first part of my domain name (i.e. domain.com -> AD ‘domain’).

I’ve already added about 30 test users, and don’t want to duplicate the work. Can I change the window domain in the UCS registery and have everything still work? The issue is, my current windows domain is ‘domain’, and I’m assuming I can’t attach a WIndows 7 box to the new domain because it has the same windows domain name.

Does that make sense? Basically, I want to know if I can change the Windows domain without re-adding my test users.




as far as I have seen the AD-domain is directly derived from the UCS LDAP-domain. I was not able to find a switch where this can be changed.
Changing the LDAP-domain on UCS is definitely not easy and I would expect lots of problems.
I’d prefer to reinstall and add these users.

Note: this is my personal opinion and I may have not enough practical experience with this specific topic…

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Thanks for the reply. I did a re-install.