Working with the DHCP server

Maybe I have wrong expectations but I’m having trouble finding the right way to set up the DHCP server in UCS 4.latest.

I figured out how to specify a range of addresses for the DHCP server. I haven’t found where the web UI displays the leases and how to make those leases static. Digging around in /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases I found the actual leases for devices on the network so I know the information is there and that DHCP is nominally working correctly.

Another question is how do I get DHCP supplied host names fed into DNS?


Hello Ricky,

i will try to answer your question one part at a time.

  • Does the Web UI display the DHCP leases?
    Sadly no, it does not. As you already found out, you can find them in the file /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases if you have access to the command line.

  • How does one get DHCP supplied host names fed into DNS?
    We are not quite sure if we understood correctly what you want to accomplish.
    If it is that a client provides its name to the DHCP server and this name is then supposed to be added to the DNS, then this is not easily possible. The reason is that this would mean that a DHCPD or BIND (running on a replica node) would have to write into the LDAP. Only the primary directory node can write into the directly LDAP.

This creates an interesting predicament. One of my expectations is that if I give a machine a name and it gets an address by DHCP. I should be able to use that machine’s given name to find it by DNS. With regards to leases, I have been spoiled by firewalls where I can just click on a dynamic lease and convert it to a static lease.

I should probably explain why am trying to use UCS. My end goal is to replace NIS. In many ways I love NIS because one of the simplest, time efficient authentication systems out there. It sucks because security is nonexistent. Still though like the post-it note on the keyboard, it makes logging into a system very end user and admin friendly.

I got to the DNS question because I’m trying to understand what I need to do to have a single set of login credentials so people a using SSH, VPNs, NFS can work across multiple servers. Truth be told, I’m very very close to using SSH to push around fragments of a various files like a password file because that’s almost as simple as NIS and it meets my functional needs. I also know it’s not a wise approach but it’s driven by frustration that authentication is moved to something that is secure with a low usability factor.

UCS looks really good in a large scale. It probably makes things much easier to manage than other systems out there (<cough>FreeIPA</cough>). I’m just not confident I can figure out enough about the system to make it work for me.

Maybe it’s time to hire you guys to set it up and it as an unmanageable (by us) black box.

Maybe I’m missing something but, at least when you use UCS as a domain controller, you should get the functionality you’re after. As explained here:

This is exactly why I’m going to try UCS. If this doesn’t work. I’ll be forced back to Windows Server (which I really really really don’t want to).

As for viewing the list of DHCP leases, I hope it’s already available in UCS 5. Otherwise I’m afraid UCS is again a no-go for me.

I’ll be trying the product next week and will be happy to report my findings back to this thread.