Wordpress not available anymore


a year or two ago I started using ucs. I evaluated other options and now I came back. I installed the new version 4.2 and realized that you removed several apps like wordpress or dokuwiki.

So now it’s no option for me to use ucs anymore. Do you have any plans to support these apps again?


that is right, all apps from 7solution are not available at the moment.

For wordpress, we got no update from the developer for a year or so and the automatic update process was turned off, so the app was deemed unsafe. We have in planning to provide wordpress as a docker app, that has a fairly high but not the highest priority at the moment.

There are currently no plans to “revive” docuwiki.

I was surpised too when 7i-WordPress was removed from the Univention Apps …
I have saved all my data but I couldn’t get WordPress installed by myself … The result was that I didn’t have access via ucs mangement console anymore, only linux console worked … I guess port 80 was used from ucm and WordPress at the same time … so I made a fresh new ucs installation … ;-(

I am eager to get WordPress back running on my ucs server. - Is there an actual howto available which shows “step by step” how to get original WordPress installed on ucs?

Thank you! - Achim.

I installed it as described in the wordpress-doc. For authentication I use a plugin which authenticates against LDAP.