Wordpress first install password of admin

hello, i am new/beginner of using ucs, and now try to install wordpress.
after the installation, i got this message:

The internal WordPress Administrator account is wp-amdin . The password for this account can be found in the file “/etc/wordpress-admin.secret”.

By default the Plugin authLDAP is activated to use the UCS IDM as authentication backend.

i have no idea how to find the password, i can only type (copy paste) commands in the terminal or with putty.
does anyone know what i have to do to find the password?

Hello likenextcloudtech,

the message says that UCS created a default admin-user (‘wp-admin’) with a random password. If you have access to the console of the system, e.g. via Putty or another SSH-client, you can open the contents of the password-file with the tool ‘cat’.

On the command-line simply type:
cat /etc/wordpress-admin.secret

And the password is displayed on the terminal. After this you can login into your Wordpress with these credentials.

Kind regards, Stefan.