WordPress AuthLDAP configuration

I have the wordpress app . The authentication via LDAP does not work. The AuthLDAP plugin has been installed but not activated or configured. How do I have to configure the plugin so that the connection to the Univention LDAP works?

Is it possible, that the AuthLDAP module is not to be configured via the graphical interface, but via a file? I found a configuration in the file wordpress.env.
However, I can not log in to Wordpress either via the Univention Administrator or through users of the wordpress-authors group. Only the wp-admin works.
Isn’t there anyone who knows something about it?


if AuthLDAP is not working, logon is only possible with the wp-admin user (password file/etc/wordpress-admin.secret). Please check the AuthLDAP settings /wordpress/wp-admin - logon -> Settings -> AuthLDAP.

You can also switch on “Debug AuthLDAP?” for more detailed error messages.

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Hi Felix,

thank you for your answer. It works by now. I also had the wordpress app installed on the domain controller. Then the connection worked.

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Hi there,

for me, that threat has lead to the solution.

Because AuthLDAP is not working as long as inside its setting (/wordpress/wp-admin - logon -> Settings -> AuthLDAP -> LDAP URI") relates to the UCS slave host where the Wordpress App is installed. The fact that on the slave host univention-ldapsearch command does not return an error (but AuthLDAP does) has misled me.

After having read this threat I’ve modified the above setting by relating it to the LDAP master host (and domain controller as mentioned by cybersepp) … and AuthLDAP is running as now. Please add that information to your knowledge base if it is a feature and not a bug.

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