Wins.dat missing?

My smb.conf have this

 netbios name    = CCMDC01
        server role     = active directory domain controller
        name resolve order      = wins host bcast
        server string   = Univention Corporate Server
        server services = -dns -smb +s3fs -nbt
        server role check:inhibit = yes

But if i search for wins.dat in the server i only get results in samba_backup_2015*****

With samba4 the wins file don’t exist anymore?

Other question from the samba manual the option in resolver should be hosts and no host is this a typo ?

Having two DCS are this settings expected?


root@CCMDC01:~# ucr search --brief wins
windows/wins-server: localhost
windows/wins-support: <empty>

DC2 (slave)

root@FELDC01:~# ucr search --brief wins
windows/wins-server: <empty>
windows/wins-support: no