Windwos 11 Update 2022

I tried updating a Widnows 11 machine to Update 2022. Unfortunately, every logon failed, only local account worked. Has anyone happened to experience this?

Have you ever removed the machine from AD and added it again (Computer → Properties)?

Sorry forthe late answer. But in the meantime I doubt it is a problem with univention. It is more likely a general Widnows 11 Update 2022 problem - even with a Microsoft account configured in parallel it is not possible to logon. Therefore crossing out (IMHO) univention as a source of trouble here

We have the same issue here, cant bring an 22H2 Device into our UCS 4.4 Domain.
Also when we upgrade an device which is allready member of the domain, no domain user or admin can logon to the computer.

If you look into the NetSetup.LOG which Windows is creating while trying to join the domain you can see that there is an issue connecting to \dc\IPC$

for example
10/17/2022 09:05:40:392 NetUseAdd to \dc\IPC$ returned 1326
10/17/2022 09:05:40:392 NetpJoinDomainOnDs: status of connecting to dc ‘\dc’: 0x52e
10/17/2022 09:05:40:392 NetpJoinDomainOnDs: Function exits with status of: 0x52e

I also looked into my network traffic and found some Kerberos packages with failures


the packages is comming from my DC to the client where I try to login with an user account.