Windows Server 2016 and UCS




Its possible ro run a windows server 2016 in a samba domain (UCS Server) where da UCS server is the main domain controller, using the windows as a backup/second domain?

Windows based DC with UCS/Samba4

Important: You cannot have the windows server as backup DC since it is NOT supported to have a windows DC joined to a UCS domain.

It is possible to run a (“dumb”) windows server in a samba domain (UCS Server) where the UCS server is the main domain controller (WS 2016 is currently not tested and therefore not supported (but may work)).


@thorp-hansen when you say dumb is running windows server as a member?
What i need is that windows can log in event viewer the logins…



yes, it only allowed to have a “dumb” windows. Therefor login-events are not logged in the windows server (cannot be, since it is not a login-server). For loginmonitoring you would need to have a look at the samba-log.