Windows domain issues



I have a Windows 10 VM that is joined to the UCS Domain (AD-compatible Domain Controller, there are no Microsoft AD in the Domain).

I have 2 issues with the domain connection:
1 - After a reboot, the VM does not see the network as “Domain Network” but as a “Public” network. I managed to force it to Private, but the only way to get it back to Domain is to leave the domain, reboot, join the domain again, and reboot again. Rebooting after that will cause the issue to happen again.

2 - I cannot share files with Domain users. When modifying share accesses, I cannot choose the Domain in “Location”, only the local machine. The only piece of logs I could get is “Unable to contact Active Directory to access or verify claim types”.

I’m guessing I misconfigured something somewhere. Can someone help me out with this?



Update - Pint #1 fixed, for this to work correctly the DNS server needs to be the Domain Controller.
Now I can share with Domain users and groups, however from another Windows machine also joined to the Domain, I cannot access it. “You do not have permissions to access this share”