Windows-compatible Memberserver fails after reboot

I have a small PC running as a primary domain controller and a larger storage server configured as member server that only gets turned on when needed. Its only normally required a few times a week so there is no point burning the energy for the rest of the time.

I have the windows compatible member server app running on the storage server and 5 or 6 shares configured. This all works fine after first configuration, however then the server is powered cycled, the support for the windows shares disappears. Windows clients fail to connect to the shares and report “The remote device or resource wont accept the connection”

Looking in systemctl I have one service that has failed “rpc-svcgssd” and the smbd service appears to be running.

Uninstalling the “Windows-compatible Memberserver” app and reinstalling, brings everything back to life again.

I am relatively new to this system and any suggestions as to the cause of this would be gratefully received.

Thanks for your help

[update 1]
After some work I have discovered that I can solve this problem (at least until reboot) by loging into the server and restarting the smbd service. This is despite the service saying that it is running happily before I restart it.

Unfortunately, looks like I am going have to give up on this.
After a week of trying, it would appear that it is not possible for me to connect my UCS member server to a UCS primary domain controller and share folders to windows users without going in and restarting the smbd service every time a reboot happens.

This is a shame as it looked such a good solution. I have run out of ideas of things to try; so reluctantly I am moving on from UCS to try and find another solution.

For future reference by others this is the problem…

One PC configured with UCS as a AD domain controller. This works fine and provides all of the features and functionality expected. This is a small machine that is left on permanently.

Another PC with several large disks in it an only turned on when required. This has UCS installed and linked to the UCS domain as a member server. Windows-compatible member server is installed on this.

At first everything worked fine, then after the disks were mounted into /shares/… the server stopped allowing connections from windows machines after reboot. Restarting smbd after reboot fixes the problem, but only until the next reboot.

Did you update your UCS 4.3 to the latest errata-levels? There has been an issue with Samba and dynamic ports which might be related.

Otherwise I would suggest to install the second server as a Backup server so it can authenticate itself and you have (partially) a protection against the first server failing.

I was about to create the same topic, as I found this. I have exactly the same problem and it seems like it is existing for quite some time, but I am new to UCS and do not know much about its internals.

I’ve got 3 VMs, one Master, one Backup and one Memberserver (all on the newest version 4.4-7 errata850). The Memberserver has the shares and they stop working every time the machine is rebooted. After restarting the smbd service manually, the clients can connect to the shares again, but the smbd service did not indicate any error before – at least not in the systemd status message.

Any ideas what could cause the problem? My understanding is that the shares should be created on a member server and not on another role. Is that correct?

One thing is confusing me, the Master and Backup have Samba 4 (and S4 Connector) as service in their computer object, the Memberserver has Samba 3.