Windows 10 Support in a WaaS World

Hello Community. As you know, Windows 10 Updates come, not via the old “Windows Update” model but via the Windows as a Service model. I was wondering, seeing that we are more prone to updating Windows in terms of security updates and feature updates (A “new” version of Windows 10 comes out every 6 months), I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice based on their experience on how well does Univention Corporate Server work with Windows 10 machines? My intention is to explore using UCS as my Domain Controller to administer 80 Windows 10 Machines. I want to to user management, file services, print services and very important group policy management. My fear is that UCS may always have to play catch up to Microsoft to ensure compatibility. If a day comes where Windows 10 Updates breaks the compatibility with UCS for any reason, how quickly is that resolved? (Via UCS updates, patches etc). Does the community offer a best practice for Windows 10 machines and UCS, as in deferring feature updates or security updates by a particular amount of time?
Does the community recommend a test lab for testing these Windows 10 updates against compatibility with UCS? Please share your experience. Please share your recommended SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) if any, to manage disruptions in this environment due to updates and UCS. I thank you in advance.


I can only say i never had any issues the last 5 Years with win10 updates - atarting with 1603 up to 20h2 on any UCS Installation - all your whishes (User, File and GPO Management) are working without any interruptions, I do not use Print Services at all so i can’t tell about that.


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@externa1, this brings me great comfort! Thank you!