Will there ever be an Update for Guacamole?

hello everyone

As the current available version for Guacamole an an App is not compatible with UCS5 and it’s also quite old… I’m wondering if there will ever be a new version.

We are using this for der ADFC Hamburg and also interessted in an update of guacamole.
As guacamole is already on docker the update should be very simple.

@gulden do you need help for this?

I just installed it myself and use SAML for the integration of users & groups.

@letmesetupthis Yes, but I would prefer to have a univention solution with is working out of the box, update only one click. Can you share the config with us?

hey there, sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

it’s very easy to integrate OPENID (no LDAP needed):
just add this to your .env:

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